Availability of Ensoniq Manuals, Accessories, and Repairs

Question: I just purchased an ASR-10 but don't have a manual (very frustrating). I can't seem to find it online. Could you help out? Thanks!

Answer: It is now available online, along with other Ensoniq manuals. www.creative.com/emu/support/downloads/legacy/download.aspx?d=183

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Creative Technology (the Soundblaster people) bought Ensoniq in 1977. Creative also owned Emu. Eventually, Creative elected to "merge" Ensoniq Music Instrument division with Emu's, and told all the Ensoniq people to move west to Emu's office. None of the Ensoniq personnel did, so really what happened was Emu inherited Ensoniq's technology, current products, etc.

Ensoniq had discontinued support for older keyboards, such as the EPS, before Creative bought them. They never announced discontinuing support for the ASR-10 or TS series. That leaves some unanswered questions, such as if they, that is Emu, is manufacturing accessories such as the ASR-10 SCSI Interface, the ASR-10 output expander, the DI-10 digital interface, the TS Sequencer Memory Expansion, etc.

Ensoniq is the only manufacturer of specific hardware ASR-10 and TS-10 accessories, with the exception of SIMM memory and floppy drives. They had not allowed anyone else to manufacture them, and no 3rd party company to date has stepped up to manufacture any.


Many repair stations that used to do Ensoniq repair still do it, except they don't have the same resources as they used to. Mopst Enosniq repair was done on a "module swap" basis; in other words, if the motherboard was broken, they'd simply send it back to Ensoniq and Ensoniq would send them a new one. Obviously this is no more.

But many repairs aren't contingent on that, such as power supply fixes, broken jacks or buttons, etc. Most older repair stations have the schematics, and that is all they need.

Other than that, TheSoniq is the best place to send your unit, they have lots of Ensoniq experience.

Contact Addresses

To get Ensoniq-made accessories, such as the Output Expanders, Digital Interfaces, SCSI Interfaces; and repairs, this is the best route to go:

Popular accessories affected by the "stuck in the middle" problem:

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