Rubber Chicken's Hard Drive Compatibility List

Not all hard drives and CD-ROM Drives are created equal! Some work with the Ensoniq instruments, some don't. Here is a list of compatible drives. If there is a drive you know works, please contribute your finding using the form below.


Ensoniq has also compiled a list - click here. Please remember - the drives listed here are the ones found to work or not work by individual users. It is only intended to show you the models we have found to be compatible. Our standards are

Fixed Hard Drives

General (most drives work)

Western Digital

Quantum LPS240
Quantum Fireball 1040mb
Quantum Lightning ProDrive 700mb
Seagate ST12400N 2.1 gig
Seagate 94171-350
Seagate 97560

Removable Hard Drives

Syquest 44 - ALL, Yes for DiskTracks
Syquest 88/200 - functions initially with ALL, but not recommended for inconsistant reads and writes
Syquest 105 - ALL, Yes for DiskTracks
Syquest 270 - ALL, Yes for Disk Tracks
Syquest EZ-135 - ALL, Yes for DiskTracks
Note: We do find that the EZ-135's are prone to malfunctions, and are not pleased with the general reliability
Iomega Zip Drive SCSI 100 or 250, external or internal - ASR, TS, 16-Plus, NOT FOR ORIGINAL EPS Yes for Disk Tracks
(Note on 16-Plus: you need an external powered termination device, such as the SCSI Sentry from APS, or another drive/computer hooked into the chain. Click here for more information)
Iomega Jaz Drive 16-Plus (see Zip notes), ASR, TS
Note:Older drives work; made before January 1997. Iomega then changed the firmware, and currently no recent Jaz works
Syquest SyJet 1.5gig Drive - ALL, Yes for DiskTracks
Note for ASR-X: Works properly on operating systems 2.55 and newer.
Syquest EZFlyer 230mb Drive - ALL, Yes for DiskTracks
Nomai 540mb Removable drive - ALL, Yes for DiskTracks

Nomai 750mb Removeable drive - ALL except ASR-X, Yes for DiskTracks
Castlewood Orb Drive - NO, does not work with ANY Ensoniq gear

CD-ROM Drives

It used to be that a good rule to follow was Sony, Toshiba, and Chinon mechanisms worked with Ensoniq products. That's not exactly true anymore, so here are the following notes. They are based on the mechanism - the brand of the drive (such as Poweruser, etc) may be different. You can find out the mechanism brand by examining the listing on the external case, or by opening up the external case.

-The Original EPS is not able to communicate with CD-ROM drives.
-The ASR-X is compatible with ALL the CD-ROM drives listed below, except NEC mechanisms
- ASR below refers to ASR-10/88.
- Remember that a higher speed (2x, 4x) does not make much difference after 4x.
- Matsushita nd Panasonic are the same company.

CD-ROM Drive Speed 16-Plus ASR TS-10/12 ASR-X/Pro Notes
All NEC CD-ROM drives   N N N N Not compatible with any EPS/ASR sampler; not even the ASR-X
Mediavision Reno 2 N Y Y Y  
Chinon 435 1 N Y Y Y Does NOT import Akai/Roland CD-ROM's on ASR's
Chinon 525 2 Y Y Y Y  
Chinon 535 2 Y Y Y Y  
Matsushita CR-503K 2 Y Y Y Y  
Matsushita CR-503B 2 Y N N Y  
Matsushita CR-504-L 4 Y Y Y Y  
Toshiba XM-3201 1 Y Y Y Y  
Toshiba XM-3301 2 Y Y Y Y  
Toshiba XM-3401 2 Y Y Y Y  
Toshiba XM-3501 4 N Y Y Y  
Toshiba XM-5201 3 N Y Y Y  
Toshiba XM5301 4 see notes Y Y Y 16-Plus: you need an external powered termination device, such as the SCSI Sentry from APS, or another drive/computer hooked into the chain.
Toshiba XM5401 4 see note Y Y Y  
Toshiba XM-3701 6.7 Y Y Y Y  
Toshiba XM-5701 12 Y Y Y Y  
Pioneer DR-766 36 Y Y Y Y  
Sony CDU76S 4 N Y Y Y  
Sony CDU55S 2         Not firsthand tested, but not compatible with Ensoniq samplers
Sanyo CRD-254SH 4     Y    
Apple CD150 (various models) 1 Y Y Y Y Can be erratic with different styles/brands of the drive. Use with caution.
Apple CD300 (various models 2 Y Y Y Y CD300 models use Sony or Matsushita mechanisms - both work.
Apple CD600 (various models) 4 Y see note see note Y CD600 models use Sony or Matsushita mechanisms. The Matsushita models are NOT compatible with the ASR-10/88 or TS series, but do work with the 16-Plus and ASR-X.

CD-ROM Speed Tests

These tests were done with identical files on a pressed CD-ROM (not CD-R). The files were at different physical locations on the drive, from the inner to the outer cylinders. Nevertheless, all the drives are measured identically. The mechanisms we use for our line of Chicken CD-ROM Drives are noted.

Type (in seconds) 381 blocks 1989 blocks 5184 blocks 11595 blocks Akai Import
Deluxe Toshiba XM-3201B 3 10 26 56 144
Chinon 525S 1.5 4 10 23 129
Sony CDU541 2 8 19 43 136
Toshiba XM-3301 2 7 17 41 134
Standard Toshiba XM-3401B 1.5 5 13 27 132
Sony CDU-76S 1.5 4 9 19 122
Toshiba XM-4101 1.5 5 14 30 135
Matsushita CR503-B          
Premium Matsushita CR504-L     9    
Toshiba XM-5301/5401 1.5 4 11 21 127
Toshiba XM-5701 1.25 4 10 22 129
Pioneer DR766 1 3.5 9 19 125

Please contribute your drive finding!

Please specify the mechanism inside your unit, NOT the OEM model name (such as PowerUser, or ClubMac, etc.). The mechanism is the compatibility issue. It is VERY important to PLEASE fill out all entries, especially your e-mail address. We might e-mail you back with further questions.

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Original EPS
EPS 16-Plus
TS Series


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